- Offer services free of charge.

Why was created?

Simply put: We want to help! COVID-19 has not only Switzerland, but the whole world firmly in its grip. Life as we knew it only a few weeks ago is currently not possible. This restricts everyone in their freedom of movement and makes everyday life more difficult.

Countless service companies are particularly affected. Many of them are owner-operated SMEs. Restaurants, clothing boutiques, market gardens and numerous other businesses in a wide variety of sectors are closed. On the other hand, stores in the food and health sectors are still open, but are facing major restrictions.

All this has led the entrepreneurs behind it to adapt their offer, reduce it or shift to a new activity. One does what is possible to stay "above water", to keep the company alive, to preserve jobs.

And this is exactly where comes into play: Our platform offers restaurateurs the opportunity to make their offer known simply and unbureaucratically. Free of charge, user-friendly, attractive.

At the same time, consumers have a simple central point of contact. They can quickly get an overview of what is available in their area. They can quickly find what they are looking for and perhaps even learn about offers for the time after the crisis.

Who is for?

The application possibilities are manifold. Almost all companies can register on

  • the restaurant that temporarily delivers its dishes or offers them for pickup
  • the beautician who sends care products or puts them personally in the mailbox
  • the florist who brings his creations to the customer
  • the stationery retailer, who provides the necessary utensils for the work from home
  • and, and, and...

In the end, everyone benefits. We are proud that with we can all help to overcome the current extraordinary situation more easily. Together we can do it!