Why VISYT? A picture is worth a thousand words

In everyday life, pictures and visual elements such as videos, animated graphics or emojis accompany us everywhere. Our environment is full of images such as warning signs, notices, posters or other visual stimulus messages. When it comes to the menus in gastronomy, it seems to be different.

Everybody has been in the situation of reading a menu in a restaurant and not understanding what the dishes mean, what they contain and what they will look like later. Disappointments do not stay away, because the expectation may not correspond to reality.

Many people travel frequently, but even without travel there are a lot of foreign dishes and exotic specialties, so menus can be very confusing. A common but unsatisfactory solution for restaurant visitors is to use a smartphone and search for pictures on the Internet.

It is also possible to read other customers' reviews on review websites, such as Yelp or TripAdvisor. This is risky, however, as it could end up being the wrong dish and the wrong (because not meaningful), customer-made photos. The quality is often poor and the reviews are subjective or sometimes even fake.

Restaurant owners are also embarrassed if they have chosen to use photos on their website, if they have published pictures of the dish on the printed menu or on a banner display or if it has been distributed in the form of advertising. This is because it is not possible for the operators to easily adapt, update and modify novelties. Changes often cost time and money. At VISYT, these adjustments can easily be made online and via the VISYT code everything is displayed correctly and simultaneously on the smartphone of the visitor to the congestion area.

So both the guests and the owners are in a quandary: Currently there is no satisfactory solution for the following points:

Question from guests: "How exactly can I imagine the dish?"

Question of the restaurateurs: "How can I change my pictures of the menus at low cost?"

The VISYT APP has answers to both of these questions! VISYT, a smartphone application, offers a simple solution to this problem. The guests can actually see in advance what will be served to them later! The VISYT code is placed in a highly visible position on the menu of restaurants and all their marketing materials, at the entrance or in other conceivable places.

Visitors use their smartphones and scan the VISYT Code using the free VISYT service. They can then access the restaurant's menu and see photos of each dish. In addition, information on ingredients and calorie information is provided. In this way, customers can make a clear choice instead of guessing, as is often the case in the past.

Disappointments are eliminated because the customer has seen the dish before instead of imagining it in his or her mind.

Our Technology

The VISYT application is available in the Apple App Store and for Android devices in the Google Play Store. VISYT also works as a web app, which means that no app needs to be installed.

The Company

With our two locations in Lucerne (Switzerland) and Orlando (USA) we cover the most important and largest areas in the gastronomy and tourism industry. Patents for Europe and the United States have been applied for. Europe with its different cultures and languages is a large market.

A team of currently eight specialists takes care of development, expansion, distribution partners and investors.