VISYT helps you transparently and informatively when ordering food in a restaurant!

VISYT visualizes menus. For you as a guest this means that you have clarity about your own order instead of being disappointed by misconceptions. In the you can see information about nutrients and contents, provided that the restaurant operator has entered them in his portal. This corresponds to the growing trend towards health-conscious nutrition today. Visitors can also rate the food and make comments.

The user can set different filters for vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free food and then see his or her tolerated food.

Download the free VISYT app to your smartphone. Scan the VISYT code from, at or in the restaurant of your choice and benefit from many advantages.

Enjoyable photos of dishes on your own smartphone

Restaurants that use VISYT offer their guests the opportunity to see a meal instead of just reading the text and then getting an idea. In restaurants and inns that rely on VISYT service, the visitor has clarity.

Simplified menu selection

If the restaurant visitor is clear about the food on offer, it is easier to make a choice.

No waiting for the menu

The menu of restaurants with the VISYT service is available online. Either by using the VISYT code on the menu, at the entrance door, in the showcase or in advertisements. The guest scans the VISYT code (on the menu, at the entrance door, in the showcase or in advertisements) and immediately sees the dishes.

Comprehensible descriptions in currently 12 languages

With the pictures of food you already have clarity about the dish. Nevertheless VISYT translates the descriptions into English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Polish and Chinese. So no questions remain unanswered.

Information about ingredients and allergens

Caterers have the option of specifying the ingredients for each individual dish.

Notes on incompatibilities and ingredients for each dish

Through the information on the ingredients, the guest can see whether the dish contains spices, herbs or other substances to which he or she is showing allergic reactions. Important and decisive factors to choose a dish!

Read reviews of the dishes

Visitors can register with VISYT to keep a list of restaurants they have already visited. It is also possible to rate dishes. This can help other guests in their decision making.

Many questions to service personnel are unnecessary

Due to the clarity of the dishes through pictures and descriptions of the food in your own language, most questions to the staff are unnecessary.

Restaurant search according to various criteria possible

Are you sitting at home or out and about with friends? The search function of the VISYT app allows you to easily search for restaurants. You can also search by location and depending on whether the restaurant offers vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or lactose-free food, for example.

Also works without app download

VISYT presents the food perfectly with pictures and descriptions in its own language. The service also works without an app. The functions are the same, but due to technical reasons the design of the app is more appealing, modern and intuitive.

Route guidance by navigation to the restaurant

The guest is guided to the address of the restaurant by simple keystroke navigation. The telephone number of the restaurant is also simply dialed at the touch of a button, e.g. to make reservations.

...and is highly hygienic

As a guest you bring your own smartphone. This means that the restaurateur does not have to disinfect the menus again and again. Especially in times of COVID-19, guest and host appreciate this.

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