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We are happy to list here the answers to the most important questions regarding the visualized menu and the VISYT service. If you are still unsure, simply contact us via email, chat or via our WhatsApp number +41 79 342 09 58.

With the VISYT service, restaurant owners have the possibility to provide guests with the dishes on the menus with photos and further information such as allergens and calories on their own smartphones. The restaurant visitor has access to the menu via a VISYT code, whether in the restaurant, at home or on the road.

Thanks to VISYT, the guest can see the dishes based on photos. Wrong ideas and disappointments are eliminated. The descriptions are currently displayed in 10 languages, depending on the settings on the guest's smartphone. This way, even international guests can understand the food on offer. This relieves your service enormously: according to your own discretion, no menu has to be presented to the guest (quickly and hygienically) and many questions regarding the food are unnecessary. Moreover, good, appealing, emotional photos have been proven to increase sales.

The guest can access your menu with his or her smartphone via the VISYT code, whether in front of the restaurant (display case, sidewalk display, entrance door), in the restaurant (on the table, on the menu) or anywhere else (marketing material, website, advertisements). But even without the VISYT code they can be found in the VISYT app (search by name or location).

The guest scans the VISYT code specific to your restaurant with his smartphone. VISYT will send you this code as a jpeg and eps file. So you can place it wherever it makes sense for you: on the tables, on your menu, outside in the showcase, on marketing materials, in advertisements, on your website, in social media and in all other imaginable places.

As a restaurateur, you send your menu by e-mail to VISYT. Our team will initiate the first entry and set up your access to our database. This way your offer is already presented online, clearly arranged and informative for interested parties and guests in currently 15 languages!

At the same time you will receive the VISYT code specific to your restaurant, as well as your administrator data for program access. Now you can easily manage, adapt, supplement and correct your data yourself. All this without any PC knowledge. Any changes or additions are immediately visible online and are automatically translated into all available languages. Our support team will also be happy to help you!

As administrator you can activate a function that allows your guests to integrate missing photos into your online menu. To protect against misuse, you will receive a copy of the photo by e-mail at the same time and can then decide whether the photo may still be online.

Existing images cannot be overwritten with this function! This can only be done by the gastronomer in the so-called backend. The possibility to add images to the online menu via a smartphone is only available if the image is missing.

Of course you can deactivate this function. Many restaurateurs attach importance to putting their dishes in the right light themselves. So you can also use this photo function yourself, in order to optimally image your menu yourself as quickly as possible. If required, we can also arrange a food photographer for you.

The VISYT service is available to restaurant visitors free of charge via the much advertised

You as a restaurateur can choose from two subscriptions with an unrivalled price/performance ratio. Already available from 27.40 monthly.

All this transparently and without additional fees, hidden costs or complicated, binding contracts. You can cancel the VISYT service at any time at the end of the month. There are no contractual obligations, you are free in your decisions.

Ask your referrer for a code to get free months. No referrer? Send us an e-mail. We will gladly send you a coupon code. You can cancel the VISYT service at the end of each month and have no further obligations or costs.

You can cancel VISYT at any time for the end of the subscription period. A short e-mail is sufficient. If you want to take your presence in VISYT offline for unexplainable reasons during the subscription period, you can do so at any time by sending a short e-mail.