VISYT helps!

VISYT helps your staff as well as your customers with:

  • Photos or videos for each menu item
  • Automatic display of descriptions in the native language
  •  Translation into 15 languages
  • Nutritional information and ingredients
  • Sorting according to nutritional requirements
  • Reservations online
  • Direct call from app
  • Navigation to the restaurant
  • Integration with website/Facebook/social media
  • Payments by Bitcoin
  • Easy capture of menu items
  • No app download necessary
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Absolutely hygienic

Send us your menu as a PDF. Our team will capture your menu items and you will receive your specific QR code for free. This way you can test the VISYT service with no costs and no obligation

VISYT makes your menu understandable for your customers

Perfect marketing tool to get more customers

VISYT shows your customers the dishes by pictures or videos. Everything is displayed in language of customer, depending on the settings of the smartphone. VISYT translates everything into 15 languages. With pictures of the dishes and the description in their own language, that makes it easier for your guests for making a decision. The customer can simply scan the VISYT code or use the (respective) filter for vegetarian, gluten-free or vegan to search for their food preference. Customers can pay by Bitcoin too.

Clic & Pic Take Away Service available too

Choose and order

Customers can conveniently choose and order the dish from the digital, visualized menu. The texts appear in their own language, as VISYT translates everything into 15 languages. Payment can be made by Bitcoin too.

Clic & Pic Take Away Service

Select time, use direct navigation and drive to the store/restaurant for pick up.

Customers can choose the time for pic up and with the direct navigation it is easy for the customer to drive to the store or to the restaurant. The food is ready for pickup on time.

No contracts, no obligations

VISYT services free testing for 60 days:

Our VISYT team takes care of the first capture of the menus. You receive a VISYT code and the login credentials for your personal backend to make adjustments and additions. All at no cost. After 60 days you can decide whether or not to continue using the VISYT service.

All services can be cancelled at the end of the month.
There are no contracts and no obligations.